Partial VAT Rebates and Firms’ Export Performance Across Products

时间:2021-12-16         阅读:


主题:Partial VAT Rebates and Firms’ Export Performance Across Products

主讲人:Dr. Bo Gao (Loughborough University)




主办单位:经济学院 科研处

主讲人简介:Dr. Gao is an assistant professor in Economics in Loughborough University in UK. Before joining Loughborough University in 2018, he completed his Ph.D in Economics in Newcastle University in 2016 and worked at Durham University in UK. He received his Bachelor and Master degrees from Southeast University in China. His Ph.D study is fully-funded by Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Scholarship in UK. His research interest is in the areas of international trade and applied micro-econometrics. His research has been published in Review of International Economics, China Economic Review, World Economy, Review of World Economics. Nominated by European Economic Association, he is an attendant of 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences in 2014.

内容简介:Unlike other countries, the export VAT rebates in China are often incomplete and frequently adjusted. This paper analyses the impact of partial VAT rebates on the export across products within multi-product firms. Our theoretical model provides predictions on the relationship between the change of VAT rebates and the export behaviour of multi-product firms with products of different quality. Consistent with the model's predictions, the empirical findings show that an increase in VAT rebate raises export quantity and reduces export price. Moreover, the impact on quantity is larger if the product is closer to the core competence while the impact on price is smaller. In short, the multi-product firms reallocate resources towards their core product when facing higher VAT rebates.